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Fitness starts when you free yourself from diets and patterns. Do it with a simple and intuitive method: start for free, create your account and receive the free ebook that guides you step by step.
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Scales, calories counting, tiny exercises and health recipes...

When you think you can achieve Fitness and wellness with these tools, you are already losing them. Because you neglect everything else that contributes to your Fitness and wellness result.

Don't follow, go forwar

Follow a pattern, and you'll fail again. Go forward step by step and you'll succeed.

Enjoy, without diet

Diet is only useful to make you sadder. Drop it and enjoy.

Don't impose, adapt

The exercise sheet is far-fetched for you. Adapt it to your life.

To fail, motivate yourself

If you want to fail quickly, motivate yourself. If you want to succeed, take action.

Don't commit, get used to it

Try hard and you'll flop. Create new habits and you will be successful.

Specialize, then die

Focus on the pattern, and you start dying. Do little and targeted, and live.

Free yourself from diet and patterns, live your path, enjoy Fitness. Follow the method:


In Fitness we often move aimlessly, trying to "follow another diet". First, you need to have a map. Here you will understand exactly how to build yours.


Starting with a diet or exercise plan is like sail without knowing where to go. With us you will find out exactly where to start to create a more effective path.


If you want to grow and improve, you don't have to look for the new diet or the new exercises. Growth is based on repetition, it only matters to understand how. Here you will know how.


You don't measure concrete and long lasting Fitness and wellness results with meters and scales. In Oukside you will use a practical and intuitive method to monitor and progress.

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What people say...

We have helped thousands of people to break free from diets and patterns, fully understand the concept of Fitness, achieve the desired physical shape and enjoy the path. These are their words.
  • Michele

    "It is simplicity, which is difficult to achieve" (B. Brecht). Few frills, the essential that many hide in "poetic" thoughts. What is right for you, if you want to stay fit and healthy while continuing your life (social, family and work).
  • LG

    In a world full of wacky theories and miraculous remedies, here is a hymn to simplicity and a guide to dietary and mental change. Diet, physical activity, integration, coaching... All strictly scientific, but simple and practical.
  • Dario

    To improve well-being and physical fitness and more: to enrich oneself culturally. Targeted elements, never banal and with indisputable charm. In 6 weeks my perception of fitness has totally changed (first schematic and hedonistic, now real and profound).
  • Giorgio

    Very interesting and above all practical contents: here there is only to learn. If you love fitness and want to improve your fitness or that of your customers, keep following Oukside.
  • Antonella

    Competent and humble professionals. They always prepare themselves for sharing and dissemination in a simple, clear, practical way and without too many words. Their infographic is worth more than ten courses!
  • Roberta

    Fantastic professionals, always ready to discuss and to lend a hand in case of doubts. Great training, and loads of ready-to-use information! Thanks, I always learn a lot from you!
  • Carola

    Great update portal for nutrition and fitness. Practical, quick, simple and cutting-edge tips that you can immediately put to good use in everyday practice.
  • Massimiliano

    Valuable content, unlike many, is limited to disclosing and not to sell, to highlight and not to scream...
  • Ilaria

    A professional, innovative and effective approach to take care of well-being at 360 degrees. Resources and guides that are always up-to-date to train effectively in a short time.

Doubts about how to break free from diet and patterns?

This is why we developed the Never Diet method: free yourself from diet and patterns by showing you how to move, in an organized, but intuitive way.

Dubbi su come liberarti da dieta e schemi?

È per questo che abbiamo sviluppato il metodo Never Diet: liberarti da dieta e schemi indicandoti come muoverti, in maniera organizzata, ma intuitiva.

Discover how you too can enjoy concrete and long lasting fitness results, without suffering them

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