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To be fit, don't be on diet.

Achieve the fitness you want without dietary stress and calories. With the Never Diet method, you focus on what matters without following the new trend in diet, training and fitness.
We have worked with thousands of fans who loved us right away. And annoyed thousands of professionals who hated us and then (some) learned to love us.
Skills and professionalism, as far as I'm concerned a Gold Standard for the fitness landscape. The more practical and concrete approach than the usual thousand empty numbers of meaning makes Oukside a point of reference for anyone who wants to experience well-being and not suffer it.
(spontaneous, don't bought)

That's why you no longer need detailed diet or exercise programs, or technicians who develop them:


The Internet and technology now offer quality automated and customized programs

You can find a free (and quality) personalized diet online anywhere on the web. If you know how to search, you not only have a diet or a workout, but an entire fitness program that suits you - thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, with a much lower degree of error than human.

You can find any type of information on the web, already skimmed and synthesized for you

The information on Fitness is now being wasted. Is there really a need for more information? Is there really a need for others to synthesize the information for you? No. What is needed is a method that organizes them and tells you how to apply them step by step to create your own path.

Specialized diets, advanced workouts and special supplements only give you small and temporary benefits

Special diets, particular workouts, sophisticated supplements, can be used for "special situations" (peak sporting events or, on the contrary, control of clinical conditions). 97% of people give up complicated solutions after a few months. You don't need to experience your well-being and enjoy fitness.

The Never Diet method teaches you to live your Fitness path and stay fit, without diet stress, calorie counter apps and complicated schemes.

With Never Diet you stop wasting your energy to learn every detail of diet, exercise and so on, and focus on just one method that will make you achieve your well-being in a concrete and simple way.
Old and overwhelming solutions:
  • Calorie counting
  • Food weighing
  • Macros tracking
  • No sweets and alcohol
  • Muscle specific exercise
  • Grueling circuits
  • Uncomfortable yoga positions
  • Advanced meditation techniques
New and liberating solution:
  • 1. Evaluate your Fitness
  • 2. Start by priority
  • 3. Build new habits
  • 4. Enjoy your Fitness

We allow you to experience your well-being and enjoy Fitness

We have divided Fitness into 9 key factors collected into 4 areas, each of which builds your path, whatever your goal.

We cover each factor vertically and as a glue we use data from science and experience that we summarize in application content. In any case, the Never Diet process is the plot of every plan we create and the resources we devise.

We allow everyone to contribute by interacting in the Community we call The Fitness Krew, in order to update our method based on feedback from real users who are using it.

Here's what the Never Diet process will allow you to do

Create your fitness plan in a methodical and organized way for each goal, without losing yourself in unnecessary specificities.
Get out of the way of technicians who sell you specific diets, advanced workouts, and sophisticated supplements, so you never lose your way.
Focus on what you need for your fitness without having to chase fashions and innovations that make you waste energy without giving you results.

Everything you need to put your well-being on autopilot

Everyone absorbs information and spends it in different ways and times, so we have provided different options. Choose the one that suits you best

Complete book + Never Diet method

The first option is the book that guides you through the Never Diet process to optimize each area of your Fitness (+ side). Download the PDF to consult it comfortably wherever and whenever you want. Perfect for a complete and out-of-the-box approach to fitness, so don't fail like the usual diet-based ones.

Complete fitness plan for your body type

The second option is a complete fitness plan to follow without having to interpret complicated and technical notions. You won't have to worry about "how to put it all together" and you will have a plan with directions to fit you in the long run.

Resources "to do and apply" + Fitness K Academy

The third option is for those who want to have all the possible indications for every aspect of fitness in their hands as well as fully understand the whys behind things. You save over 60% and is perfect if you want to boost your fitness growth.

Let the journey started!

Never Diet book and method


Download the complete but essential book (~ 150 pages) and consult it wherever and whenever you want. Every update we make will be free, forever.

To lay the foundations for your growth

Complete fitness plan


Select the Body K Type for your body shape and access your complete fitness plan. Consult the PDF wherever and whenever you want, with unlimited downloads and updates.

To speed up smoothly

Application resources + Fitness K Academy


For 1 full year, access Fitness K Hacks, practical guides on every aspect of Fitness. Use the Fit K Academy to investigate and resolve any doubts.

For a comprehensive and deep understanding

You are in good hands, among experts and professionals in nutrition, movement, well-being and habits.

Question and answer

Who is it for?
For anyone who is tired of diet, calories and impositions and has realized that this is not the solution for fitness and wellness.
How much it costs?
You can start from €29 by purchasing the book, independently applying the information provided there and resolving any doubts in the Community.
What is Never Diet?
The methodological process we arrived at starting from Farhud's studies (2015), combined with the neurology of how new habits are created, and corroborated by other scientific and field research. Explore Never Diet
What is The Krew?
The Ouksider Community to interact, support each other, exchange ideas and advice. If you are not an Ouksider, you can view its contents but not interact.
Where to deepen?
You can consult for free the contents, divided by Macro Area and / or Fitness K Factor, of the Articles or the Community (if not Ouksider, here you can only view, but not interact).
Why those 'K'?
When you see the purple 'K' and / or applied to fitness, you know you find a complete but not abstract approach, concrete but not trivial. Get the Fitness K is a guarantee of concrete indications and in no uncertain terms.

For other questions, please see Support and FAQ